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Base A to Base B

A converter from base A to base B, where 2 <= A, B <= 36
base A to base B

Binary to decimal

A converter from binary to decimal (base 2 to base 10)
bindec, binary to decimal, base 2, base 10

Decimal to binary

A converter from decimal to binary (base 10 to base 2)
decbin, decimal to binary, base 2, base 10

Decimal to hexadecimal

A converter from decimal to hexadecimal (base 10 to base 16)
dechex, decimal to hexadecimal, base 16, base 10

Hexadecimal to decimal

A converter from hexadecimal to decimal (base 16 to base 10)
hex2dec, hexadecimal to decimal, base 16, base 10


Base64 decoder

A Base64 to text decoder.
base64, base64_decode, base64 decode

Base64 encoder

A text to Base64 to encoder.
base64, base64_encode, base 64 encode

Hash Identifier

Tries to identify the type of hash you have from more than 220 hash formats. It is using the Python module called hashid.
hashid, hash solver, hash guess

Web Security

CORS scanner

CORS (Cross-origin resource sharing) scanner for misconfigurations. It is using Corsy.
corsy, CORS, websec, cross-origin resource sharing, scanner


LED circuit calculator

A calculator to find what value you need for a resistor if you want to connect a LED to a power source (battery, power supply, mains etc).
led, resistor, ohm

Binary Exploitation

Pattern create

A tool to generate a string with a certain pattern used for offset calculation. This replaces the common "A" sequence so you can find the offset much faster.
pattern create, pattern_create

Pattern offset / search

Find the offset of a string generated with the "Pattern create" tool.
pattern offset, pattern_offset


Reverse string

Reverse a given string.
strrev, reverse string

String length

Count the length of a given string.
str_count, strlen, string length